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Project Description

Whitestone provides geotechnical and environmental consultation services for one of the region’s most dynamic retail development programs. Whitestone has completed hundreds of projects at various East Coast locations for TD Bank, N.A. (formerly Commerce Bank, N.A.) throughout the New York/New Jersey metropolitan region and neighboring states. Whitestone’s geotechnical and environmental services have included:

Due Diligence Investigations: Whitestone provides geotechnical engineering and environmental assessments to support development feasibility studies. Specific due diligence services include subsurface explorations with conventional and hand-portable drill rigs using Standard Penetration Test borings, test pits, direct push technology; design-phase and as-built percolation testing for drywell installations; existing pavement evaluation and design of new pavement sections; foundation design recommendations and ground improvement alternatives, Phase I ESAs and Phase II SIs, Geotechnical Investigations, Asbestos, Lead Paint, Indoor Air Quality & Mold Evaluation & Abatement; remedial design, remediation management and regulatory coordination; and reporting.

Construction Phase Testing & Inspection Services: During demolition and construction phases, Whitestone provides geotechnical and environmental oversight including special inspections; inspecting structural backfill placement for conformance to project specifications with regard to material, lift thickness, and compaction; laboratory analyses of soils for moisture density relationships, engineering soil classifications, loss on ignition tests, California Bearing Ratio, shear strength and moisture content; monitoring foundation excavations and footing bottom testing for compliance with regard to soil bearing capacity requirements as determined by comparison to the geotechnical report and/or project specifications; concrete testing and inspection, including testing for slump, temperature, air content, batch-to-placement time monitoring, concrete cylinder fabrication, and compressive strength testing; inspection of reinforcing steel for size, type, placement, support, splice, and cleanliness; structural steel inspections, including anchor bolt placement: bolt tightness and visual weld verifications;

Whitestone reviews contractor submittals and shop drawings, evaluates geotechnical instrumentation data (to verify design assumptions, alert the TD Bank, N.A. of potential hazards, and develops remedial work plans, if necessary), evaluates progress to verify that work is in compliance with specifications, and reviews contractor change orders for accuracy.