Fitness Center / Industrial Site Redevelopment

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Project Description

Whitestone provided geotechnical and environmental consultation from initial due diligence through construction for the Lifetime Fitness Facility redevelopment at 1 Westchester Park Drive in Harrison, Westchester County, New York.

The subject property historically operated area as a commercial newspaper printing facility from construction in 1972 until March 2010. The former site facilities included a multi-story commercial structure consisting of a four-story office building and attached one and two-story newspaper production buildings. On-site storage and use of hazardous or potentially hazardous materials and the generation of hazardous wastes was performed as part of site operations. Redevelopment included demolition of the existing structures and construction of a 110,000 square feet footprint, two-story fitness facility with pools, enclosed tennis courts, outdoor bistro building, and associated new pavements, landscaped areas and utilities.

Geotechnical Services: Whitestone’s geotechnical services included preliminary and supplemental subsurface investigations that characterized the subsurface strata; delineated problematic soils such as buried topsoil, wood debris, and municipal waste; and identified bedrock locations requiring blasting. As a result of the investigations, Whitestone provided recommendations for shallow foundations, ground-supported floor slabs, mechanical subgrade stabilization with geosynthetics, soil and building demolition material re-use options to minimize export and disposal of contaminated materials, pervious pavement design, and stormwater management infiltration rates. During due diligence, Whitestone identified geotechnical premium costs and coordinated with project civil and Whitestone’s environmental engineers to mitigate potential geotechnical impacts and develop recommendations for purchase agreements. Due to rock blasting required for construction, Whitestone performed pre- and post-construction surveys of adjacent structures as well as implemented a remote, web-based vibration monitoring program to record ground vibrations during blasting operations. Whitestone also provided a geotechnical engineer on site during construction to assist the earthwork contractor with identification and segregation of unsuitable materials and to maximize use of on-site soil as well as performed special inspections required by the building code.

Environmental Services: Whitestone performed all aspects of site characterization during due diligence including soils, asbestos, lead based paint, hazardous materials/wastes, and concrete to allow for site demolition and redevelopment. Due to the presence of contaminated fill material and buried waste, the project included the development of an extensive Landfill Disturbance Workplan for submittal to NYSDEC which outlined health and safety, soil management requirements, and site capping details for the 23 acre site. These activities were coordinated closely with Whitestone’s geotechnical engineers and the recommendations were tailored to accommodate the geotechnical considerations discussed above and to allow for cost savings. Whitestone provided oversight and on-site safety monitoring, including having an on-site Health and Safety Officer, associated with soil management and remediation. Whitestone also provided consulting during the asbestos abatement process and removal of hazardous materials from the former site building. Whitestone ultimately obtained NYSDEC approval/closure upon completion of the redevelopment and submittal of a final Landfill Disturbance Plan.