Brownfield Site Evaluation, Remediation & Redevelopment

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Project Description

Whitestone has been providing a full scope of environmental investigation and remediation services at municipal urban redevelopment sites in the City of Rahway since 1997. Projects completed to date include:

  • 40+ Preliminary Site Assessments,
  • 30+ Phase II Site Investigations,
  • Multiple asbestos and lead-based paint surveys and abatement actions; Brownfields Site remediations; UST/AST/OWS closures; and facility decontaminations/demolitions.

Lower Essex Street Redevelopment

Whitestone conducted Preliminary Assessment (PA), Site Investigation (SI), and Remedial Investigation (RI) activities at 18 underutilized, blighted commercial properties on Lower Essex Street along the Rahway River that were being redeveloped as a residential townhome complex and public park. Whitestone subsequently coordinated soil Remedial Action (RA) efforts and negotiated an engineering control/deed notice and groundwater monitoring and natural attenuation corrective action program with NJDEP. Whitestone also assisted the City in obtaining approximately $2M in Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund (HDSRF) and Green Acres funding from the State.

Timko-Kagan Properties Redevelopment

Historic on-site commercial operations included a launderette, tailor, barber, grocery, electronics printing, a picture frame facility, a religious center, a plumber and residential use. Whitestone commenced SI/RI activities and managed/coordinated the necessary remedial actions in pursuit of the NFA determination from NJDEP. Whitestone also procured HDSRF grant monies from the State to cover the SI/RI. The site subsequently was redeveloped for mixed commercial/residential uses including a ground-floor restaurant with residential apartments above.

80 East Milton Avenue Redevelopment Project

Whitestone conducted PA/SI, RI, and soil and groundwater RA efforts at a former gasoline service station property that was redeveloped as a high-rise mixed use condominium, hotel, and retail structure with parking garage. Whitestone also assisted the City and the Redeveloper in obtaining$1.3M in HDSRF grants and reimbursement pursuant to New Jersey’s Brownfield and Contaminated Site Remediation Act (BCSRA).

Hamilton Laundry Redevelopment

Whitestone conducted a PA/SI and is currently performing RI activities at a former commercial laundry and dry cleaning facility and adjoining residential property. The proposed site redevelopment project includes a Performing Arts Center and Amphitheater with additional commercial components. Whitestone secured an initial $500K in HDSRF grant funding from the State and has obtained Brownfield Development Area designation (October 2009) that will allow for additional RI and RA funding as the project progresses.

Warwick Laboratories Site Redevelopment

This former industrial facility manufactured, blended and distributed specialty lubricants and oils. After the business ceased operations, the City of Rahway foreclosed on the property and a subsequent fire destroyed the site building. Firefighting actions and building demolition exacerbated contaminant conditions. Whitestone took over RI activities from a prior consultant and subsequently procured additional HDSRF grants to cover supplemental investigation costs. In addition, Whitestone coordinated emergency response actions to address a release of elemental mercury. Whitestone also has pursued Brownfields reimbursement approval for the site redeveloper to recoup remediation expenditures pursuant to BCSRA.

Old City Library Site Redevelopment

Whitestone conducted asbestos and lead-based paint surveys on the old City library building. Whitestone subsequently developed a Bid Solicitation Package (Contract Drawings and Project Specifications) for asbestos abatement and building demolition. Whitestone also served as the Project Engineer during remedial construction.

City-Wide Underground Storage Tank Closure

Whitestone managed the closure/removal of underground storage tanks (USTs) at multiple City owned locations including City Hall, Fire House, Police Department, Public Library, Senior Center, and Art Museum. Projects included preparation of project specifications, contractor management/oversight, subsurface evaluation, and NJDEP reporting. On-going groundwater monitoring and NJDEP reporting continue at several sites, and other sites have received NFA determinations from NJDEP.