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Ecological - Lakeland, Florida

Whitestone’s Ecological Specialists provided wetland permitting and mitigation services for an approximately five-acre wetland located on a 20-acre host parcel being redeveloped as a trucking terminal in Lakeland, Florida.

Environmental, Geotechnical & Ecological - Central Florida

Whitestone conducted environmental, geotechnical, and ecological due diligence investigations for this large central Florida parcel proposed for mixed-density residential and commercial development. The agricultural site presents significant development challenges including soil impacts from historic pesticide and herbicide use, the presence of manmade and natural wetlands, and an area that had been filled with undocumented, non-native material.

Environmental, Ecological, Geotechnical & Hazardous Building Materials – Paramus, New Jersey

Whitestone conducted environmental and geotechnical due diligence investigations for the proposed retail redevelopment of a commercial property in Paramus, New Jersey. Services including a Phase I ESA, survey for asbestos containing materials, wetlands presence/absence determination, endangered or threatened species evaluation, and geotechnical investigation.