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Environmental & Geotechnical - Mobile, Alabama

Whitestone conducted geotechnical and environmental due diligence investigations in support of redeveloping a former commercial property in Mobile, Alabama as a new convenience store and filling station.

Environmental - Multiple Sites, Texas

Whitestone conducted environmental due diligence investigations in support of acquisition and continued operation of three industrial properties in Corpus Christi, Donna, and Pflugerville, Texas.

Environmental & Geotechnical - Multiple Sites, South Carolina

Whitestone conducted geotechnical and environmental due diligence investigations in support of proposed building expansions at four retail properties in Walterboro, Greenville, Barnwell, and Columbia, South Carolina.

Environmental - Atlanta, Georgia

Whitestone conducted environmental due diligence investigations and provided soil management and health and safety consulting services during renovation of a retail property in Atlanta, Georgia.

Environmental & Geotechnical - Passaic, New Jersey

Whitestone provided environmental and geotechnical due diligence, remedial investigation, dynamic compaction oversight, and remedial action services for the remediation and redevelopment of a former industrial and retail property in Passaic, New Jersey. Pictured is sheet piling being installed to facilitate excavation of PCB-impacted soil in accordance with USEPA-TSCA and NJDEP regulations.

Environmental - Secaucus, New Jersey

Whitestone’s client expanded its existing bank of hydrogen fuel cells at an existing commercial property and closed landfill in Secaucus, New Jersey. Whitestone prepared a Solid Waste Facility Major Disruption Application Plan to be approved by the NJDEP and implemented construction-phase air monitoring for methane and other landfill gases, provided waste management services for excess soil/fill materials and recovered groundwater, and coordinated a radiation survey of stockpiled soil/fill materials prior to export.

Environmental & Hazardous Building Materials - Southeastern, Pennsylvania

Whitestone provided pre-demolition and demolition-phase remediation and consulting services during industrial site decommissioning in southeastern Pennsylvania. The project included aboveground storage tank and associated equipment cleaning and removal from the upper floors of multi-story buildings, evacuating powdered resin silos, air monitoring and reporting during asbestos abatement, soil characterization and NPDES consulting, waste management, and regulatory reporting services.

Environmental & Geotechnical - Newington, Connecticut

Whitestone conducted environmental and geotechnical due diligence investigations and provided permitting assistance services in support of the mixed-use redevelopment of this 24-acre former industrial property in Newington, CT.

Environmental - Mansfield, Connecticut

Whitestone’s Licensed Environmental Professionals managed soil characterization, underground storage tank closure, and excess soil/fill management efforts in support of the mixed-use redevelopment of this former manufacturing/retail property in Mansfield, CT.

Environmental - Shelby, North Carolina

Whitestone completed Phase I ESA and Phase II SI activities to assess potential impacts from historic and current site operations at a Shelby, North Carolina property slated for acquisition and continued operation as an automotive maintenance and repair facility.

Environmental - Olive Branch, Mississippi

Whitestone provided turnkey environmental consulting and waste management services (including recovering petroleum-impacted debris, decontaminating an oil-stained concrete pad, collecting and containerizing recovered petroleum and other liquid wastes, and excavating petroleum-impacted soil for off-site management in support of a client vacating this property in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Environmental - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Whitestone designed a soil vapor extraction (SVE) system to remediate chlorinated volatile organic soil and groundwater contamination in a high-density, mixed-use section of Philadelphia. Whitestone defined the limits of the plume, conducted receptor evaluation activities, and managed permitting and installing the system around a complex array of subsurface utilities, building foundations, and stormwater management features. Post-startup monitoring indicates decreasing concentrations in soil gas and a significant reduction in off-site potential receptor concerns.

Environmental - Dothan, Alabama

Whitestone’s Phase I ESA for a retail shopping center outparcel in Dothan, Alabama identified environmental concerns warranting a subsequent Phase II SI that included soil borings/monitoring wells and soil vapor sampling points. A potential vapor intrusion concern revealed within the footprint of the proposed retail building will be addressed via a vapor intrusion mitigation plan.

Environmental, Geotechnical & Construction Inspection - Clark, New Jersey

Whitestone provided an array of geotechnical, environmental, and construction phase engineering and consulting services during the development and construction of L'Oréal USA’s new Research & Innovation Center in Clark, New Jersey.

Environmental - Winslow Township, New Jersey

Whitestone was retained to design and implement an in-situ chemical oxidation treatment program as an Interim Remedial Measure to address dissolved-phase petroleum contamination in soil and groundwater at this Winslow Township, NJ site. At the time of Whitestone’s Licensed Site Remediation Professional retention, the site was out of compliance with the regulatory timeframes for completing the Remedial Investigation and Remedial Action. Accordingly, Whitestone coordinated NJDEP Direct Oversight compliance including preparing a Public Participation Plan and establishing a Remediation Funding Source. Following the public comment period, delineation wells were installed, and the injection treatment was implemented. Performance monitoring is underway pursuant to a modified Administrative Consent Order.

Environmental, Geotechnical & Ecological - Central Florida

Whitestone conducted environmental, geotechnical, and ecological due diligence investigations for this large central Florida parcel proposed for mixed-density residential and commercial development. The agricultural site presents significant development challenges including soil impacts from historic pesticide and herbicide use, the presence of manmade and natural wetlands, and an area that had been filled with undocumented, non-native material.

Environmental & Geotechnical - Paramus, New Jersey

Whitestone provided environmental and geotechnical engineering and consulting services for this 80,000-square-foot medical office building coming to Bergen Town Center in Paramus, NJ.

Environmental - Suffolk County, New York

Whitestone implemented a dual-phase remediation project to address subsurface toluene contamination at a retail center in Suffolk County, New York included in situ treatment via peroxide and iron solution injection following removing contaminated sediment and liquids (for off-site management) from 40 sanitary wastewater leaching structures.

Environmental - Bergen County, New Jersey

Whitestone implemented an augmented bioremediation program that included injecting a consortium of naturally-occurring microbes into soil and groundwater to address residual tetrachloroethene (PCE) contamination beneath an existing retail center in Bergen County, New Jersey. Whitestone obtained a Permit by Rule - Discharge to Groundwater Permit from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and installed permanent injection points within the site structure. Post-remediation soil and groundwater sampling will be conducted to document the effectiveness of the augmented bioremediation.

Environmental, Hazardous Building Materials, Geotechnical & Construction Inspection – Chelsea, Massachusetts

Whitestone provided environmental, hazardous building materials, geotechnical engineering, and construction inspection services for redevelopment of a former industrial property in Chelsea, Massachusetts to a new Hampton Inn located directly across Second Street from the Mystic Mall. The former 25,500-square feet industrial building was demolished to enable construction of the new 106 room, multi-story hotel.

Environmental, Geotechnical & Construction Inspection - New York, New York

Whitestone conducted geotechnical and environmental due diligence investigations and provided special inspection services in support of this 17-story (with three subsurface levels) self-storage facility redevelopment project in New York City.

Environmental, Geotechnical & Construction Inspection – Upper Macungie Township, Pennsylvania

Whitestone’s client developed large warehouse facilities in the tract, including the 290,000 square foot package sorting and distribution facility in Upper Macungie, Pennsylvania. As part of the overall tract development, Whitestone provided a full range of geotechnical and environmental services from due diligence evaluations prior to property purchase through design-phase subsurface investigations, environmental site characterization, geological hazard mapping, and construction phase consultation.

Environmental, Geotechnical, Hazardous Building Materials & Construction Inspection – West Chester County, New York

Whitestone provided geotechnical and environmental consultation from initial due diligence through construction for the Lifetime Fitness Facility redevelopment in Westchester County, New York. Services included recommendations for re-use of marginal on-site soils and building demolition material; Developed landfill disturbance and waste handling plans and provided remediation management oversight, hazardous materials building surveys, and air monitoring; Completed pre-construction and post-construction surveys of adjacent structures within a blasting zone and developed a remote vibration monitoring program; and performed construction phase special inspections.

Environmental, Geotechnical & Construction Inspection – King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Whitestone provided environmental, geotechnical, and construction phase inspection services for a 112,000 total square feet, four-level specialty care facility with one level partially below grade in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

Environmental, Geotechnical, Hazardous Building Materials & Construction Inspection – Newark, New Jersey

Whitestone provided environmental, geotechnical, hazardous building materials and construction inspection for a student housing development in Newark, New Jersey which included construction of a 13-story student dormitory building with retail space at the ground level, a six story student dormitory building, and a five-story parking deck.

Environmental, Geotechnical, Hazardous Building Materials & Construction Inspection – Bronx, New York

Whitestone provided environmental, geotechnical, hazardous building materials and construction inspection services for a self-storage redevelopment of a former lumber yard facility at the foot of the Fordham bridge on the Harlem River in the Bronx, New York. Whitestone developed a unique solution consisting of removing a limited portion of soil equivalent to the proposed building weight and replacing it with high strength geofoam blocks capable of supporting the building weight.

Environmental, Geotechnical & Construction Inspection – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Whitestone provided environmental, geotechnical, and inspection services on this project from preliminary due diligence phases through construction and project close out for the construction of a nine-story mixed use residential and retail building with a single level below-grade parking garage.

Environmental – Morris County, New Jersey

Chlorinated volatile organic (CVO) contaminants, mainly tetrachloroethene (PCE), were found in soil, groundwater, and indoor air samples near a multi-unit retail strip center, originating from on-site dry cleaners. Whitestone proposed a remediation plan to comply with NJDEP regulations, involving installing a soil vapor extraction (SVE) system and a sub-slab depressurization system (SSDS) for soil and subsurface vapor remediation. The installation of both systems was coordinated to minimize disruption, with the SVE system extracting contaminants through vertical wells, treating them with activated carbon, and discharging treated air to the atmosphere, while the SSDS targeted vapors beneath the building's concrete floor.

Environmental & Geotechnical – Melville, New York

Whitestone conducted a comprehensive exploration and assessment of subsurface conditions for the 52.7-acre Canon USA, Inc. North American Headquarters in Melville, New York. The former agricultural land required substantial earthwork for the construction of a 740,000 square feet office building complex and parking garages. Whitestone's environmental and geotechnical evaluations identified challenges such as loose soil conditions and soil contamination, leading to revised site plans and cost-effective recommendations for soil management and foundation stabilization. The company also prepared a remediation workplan, implementing measures like soil blending and air monitoring to address contaminated soils in accordance with Suffolk County Department of Health Services guidance.

Environmental, Geotechnical & Hazardous Building Materials – Hunts Point, New York

Whitestone provided environmental and geotechnical engineering services for the proposed Anheuser-Busch facility in Hunts Point, New York. This involved designing foundations, coordinating the reuse of Processed Dredge Material for backfill, and addressing residual environmental contamination through a passive vapor mitigation system. Additionally, Whitestone conducted surveys for asbestos containing materials in a structure slated for demolition as part of the site redevelopment.

Environmental, Geotechnical & Construction Inspection – Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Developers faced significant challenges during the redevelopment of the Hamilton Marketplace, a 220-acre former agricultural site transformed into a major retail center. The initial geotechnical and environmental investigations revealed issues such as shallow mottling, moisture-sensitive soils, and environmental hazards. Whitestone conducted a detailed hydrogeologic analysis, implemented phased stormwater basin construction, and aided the client in successfully reusing the majority of the on-site materials, while still satisfying individual tenant requirements. Whitestone also addressed environmental concerns, developed mitigation plans, provided expert witness testimony, and provided full time construction phase consulting, testing and inspection to ensure the design phase recommendations were properly implemented.

Environmental, Ecological, Geotechnical & Hazardous Building Materials – Paramus, New Jersey

Whitestone conducted environmental and geotechnical due diligence investigations for the proposed retail redevelopment of a commercial property in Paramus, New Jersey. Services including a Phase I ESA, survey for asbestos containing materials, wetlands presence/absence determination, endangered or threatened species evaluation, and geotechnical investigation.