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Geotechnical & Construction Inspection - Miami, Florida

Whitestone provided geotechnical inspection and construction documentation services during installation of vibro-replacement ground improvement for support of a proposed seven-story self-storage building in Miami, Florida.

Geotechnical & Construction Inspection - Yonkers, New York

Whitestone’s scope of geotechnical engineering and consulting services for a seven-story self-storage facility in Yonkers, New York included providing ground-improvement solutions to address historic fill and organic deposits and third-party special inspections and materials testing during building pad preparation, foundation installation, and superstructure erection.

Construction Inspection - New York, New York

Whitestone provided testing and inspection services (including foundation tiedown, tension tests, foundation subgrade and foundation insulation inspections) for a 17-story self-storage facility under construction in New York City. The building will include three below-grade levels, and foundations (including a matt, isolated columns and exterior wall footings) were designed to bear on NYC Class 1c bedrock.

Environmental, Geotechnical & Construction Inspection - New York, New York

Whitestone conducted geotechnical and environmental due diligence investigations and provided special inspection services in support of this 17-story (with three subsurface levels) self-storage facility redevelopment project in New York City.

Environmental, Geotechnical, Hazardous Building Materials & Construction Inspection – Bronx, New York

Whitestone provided environmental, geotechnical, hazardous building materials and construction inspection services for a self-storage redevelopment of a former lumber yard facility at the foot of the Fordham bridge on the Harlem River in the Bronx, New York. Whitestone developed a unique solution consisting of removing a limited portion of soil equivalent to the proposed building weight and replacing it with high strength geofoam blocks capable of supporting the building weight.

Geotechnical – Brooklyn, New York

Whitestone conducted a geotechnical investigation for a proposed self-storage facility in Brooklyn, New York. Recommendations for foundation design, pavement support, and groundwater control were provided and Whitestone also conducted pre-construction surveys, monitored vibrations during construction, and performed post-construction surveys to document the impact on nearby structures.

Facility Inspection & Assessment – Rochelle, New York

Whitestone conducted a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) of an operating self-storage facility in New Rochelle, New York. The facility consists of one four-story building (constructed in 1917, renovated in 1987) and one three-story building (constructed in 2001).